Caltagirone pizzeria

Restaurant Ritrovo La Piazzetta


3 minutes from the B&B, in Via Vespri 20, you will find the Ritrovo la Piazzetta restaurant

Always linked to the restaurant business, Mr. Ascanio has achieved constant growth over the years thanks to his seriousness and professionalism, with the aim of creating a new space in which to get excited, tasting dishes that express the genuineness of Sicilian cuisine.

One can not think well, love well, sleep well, if he has not eaten well

Ritrovo La Piazzetta, in Caltagirone, boasts a great experience in the culinary sector.

Each dish brings with it all the flavors of Sicily, from appetizers to pasta, to meat based dishes and desserts.

The variety of ingredients and cooking that translate our attention to the territory and to the product, the true protagonist of the kitchen.

To recreate the flavors of typical Sicilian cuisine we use only selected and quality ingredients

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by George Bernard Shaw

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Eating is one of the four goals of life ... what are the other three, no one has ever known.

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